How to use your holiday to relax and recharge

Everyone looks forward to the holiday season. At the end of a long work year, it promises the reward of care-free days, fun activities, family time, and celebrations. With all that going on, it can be very easy to forget to actually rest. 

The holidays can be the most effective time for Intentional and mindful rest so factor in some time for each of these five ways to relax and recharge even as you celebrate.

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Stress and Headaches

Tension headaches have become a way of life. We simply accept them as part of modern day living. We put up with the continuous dull ache. Pop pills when it becomes too intrusive. And - every now and then - retire to a quiet dark place to wait out a big one.

Imagine living headache free!

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8 Safe & Easy Exercises for Strong Back & Core Muscles

These exercises offer a safe way to gently strengthen and activate these muscles. Because they are not weight-bearing, but done in a lying down position, they are extremely safe.

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What is it? Do you have it? What causes it?  What relieves it?

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