BSR for Babies and Toddlers

Ralph Dinkelmann | Body Stress Release for Babies, Children and Teenagers
Body Stress Release for Babies and Toddlers

"A friend recommended BSR. Initially I was skeptical as I had never heard of it before, but I was so desperate I decided to give it a go. I have not looked back. After two sessions, James would go to bed without any tantrums. There was a marked improvement in not only his sleep but in his behaviour in general." ~ Jenni S., Mom

Body Stress Release for Babies and Toddlers

Body Stress in Babies

The birth process can be stressful for a baby and may result in tension becoming locked into its body. Birthing interventions, such as a Caesarean Sections or Ventouse Deliveries, may be particularly stressful. It is also likely that babies experience some degree of shock after the months of floating in the sanctuary of their mother’s body.

A baby that has pain or discomfort may cry a lot and be difficult to console. If there are no obvious reasons for the baby’s distress, the baby is feeding normally and medical conditions have been ruled out, body stress may be present.

Signs of Body Stress in Babies

• A common sign of body stress in the neck is when a baby is restless and keeps moving its arms and head, even when sleeping.
Body stress in the lower back may cause a baby to squirm and cry when the hips are lifted during a nappy change.
Other signs of body stress include constipation, diarrhea and colic.

Ideally babies should be assessed for body stress within a few months of birth, even when there are no obvious signs of stress. This will enable any tension stored in the baby’s neck or back to be released before it accumulates and has a negative impact on their nervous systems.

BSR for Babies: What to expect

1. The BSR Practitioner will carry out a series of tests.
2. Following the tests, the Practitioner will gently release the stress while the baby is lying on its mother’s chest or lap.
3. After the stress is released the baby may fall into a sound sleep.

Body Stress in Toddlers

Small children are likely to accumulate body stress as a result of frequent falls or jerks while playing, or from trying to lift heavy objects. It is often hard for a toddler to communicate how they feel, although their parents may see signs that suggest that their bodies are holding on to tension.

Signs that suggest stored tension in toddlers

• A normally good-natured child may become sullen and uncooperative
• The child may talk about having a “funny feeling in their tummy”.
• Constant demands to be picked up and carried
• Complaints of “sore legs

In BSR we find that so-called “growing pains” often result from stored tension in the lower back which results in pressure irritating the nerves that supply the legs.