About Me

In 2003 I was involved in a car accident. The car tumbled through the air three times before landing on its roof. I came down on the side of my neck. I was hospitalised, but released just one day later with nothing more to complain of than a stiff neck. Three years later I was involved in another car accident. After that my neck was never the same again.


Discomfort Before Body Stress Release


  • I disliked driving because any quick turn of my head was painful.
  • My neck was always stiff.
  • Quick movements induced excruciating spasm.
  • I was forced to turn my shoulders just to turn my head.
  • I would have dull, throbbing headaches behind my eyes and on my forehead. These originated from the back of my neck.
  • Often I would feel as if my head was too heavy for me.


What Helped Me …


Going to the Physio and Chiro definitely helped, but too often my neck would go ‘out’ as I left the chiropractic clinic. In desperation, I tried all sorts of different treatment modalities – conventional and unconventional. And that’s when I was introduced to Body Stress Release.

At first I was sceptical, to say the least. How could such a soft treatment be of any help?


Body Stress Release Helped Me Best


I felt some relief after the first session, but it was only during the third session that I felt a definite change.


  • Relief seemed to be coming from my body itself as it responded to the treatment; instead of the treatment directly releasing the muscles.
  • My body felt calmer and more in control.
  • It was no longer on edge and simply reactionary.


17 years later, I still need to look after my neck as it becomes over-stressed easily. I am, however, pain-free most of the time. And most of all - owing to an understanding of what has happened to my neck structurally - I can work with my neck and not feel the hopelessness I felt back then.


Personal Experience of Body Stress Release Benefits


This is my wish for my clients: that they gain a better understanding of their own bodies so that they can help themselves and so that they will know when they need help. I also try to provide a space in which true healing can occur.


I qualified in 2003 from the Body Stress Release Academy in Rondevlei, South Africa. Since then I have worked at 312 Villiers Rd, Walmer in Port Elizabeth. Although my intense desire to further understand stress has led me to successful completion of numerous courses in massage, stress, posture, yoga, etc.; the technique I practice is the one I learned at the Body Stress Release Academy.