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Stress and Headaches

Tension headaches have become a way of life. We simply accept them as part of modern day living. We put up with the continuous dull ache. Pop pills when it becomes too intrusive. And - every now and then - retire to a quiet dark place to wait out a big one.

Imagine living headache free!

The first step towards a headache-free life, is uncovering the root cause of your headache. When it comes to tension headaches, investigating body stress is a good place to start. So let’s have a quick look at how the body responds to stress.

How the body responds to stress

The body’s reaction to stress begins in the muscles. Life’s pressures may cause the muscles in the neck to tense. Bad posture or prolonged sitting may put the muscles of the lower back under strain. If this stress is not released it becomes locked into the muscles and these will eventually seize up.

When the muscles tense up, nerves are compressed; causing headaches and blocking messages to the brain about the true location of the pain or discomfort. That’s why we’re not always aware of the real problem.

How to find the root cause of the problem

Body Stress Release gently stimulates muscles to take pressure off the nerves; re-instating communication pathways with the brain. This is why, after the first body stress release session, you may experience some discomfort. With the release of tension, the muscle will begin to adapt to its new suppleness and sensitivity levels. Feeling starts to return to the muscle, highlighting the true stress issue and - at the same time - beginning the healing process.

The importance of body stress release

Body stress in the muscles can cause sever pain and stiffness, but the problem doesn’t end there because muscles don’t work in isolation. They support organ function, the nervous system, blood circulation …. Tension and compression in the muscles can stand in the way of a healthy functioning body and give rise to potentially serious ailments.

It’s important to note that body stress release does not diagnose or treat specific ailments. All it does is identify sites of tension and boost the body’s own healing mechanism. In essence, it alerts the brain to stress areas so that the body can set about healing itself.

Frequent body stress release sessions can be preventative. Not only will these treatments help your body to find its natural balance, your practitioner will also recommend strategies for managing stress and building your body’s resilience and ability to self-heal.

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