Cold weather tension - Ralph Dinkelmann BSR

Is winter a pain in the neck?

Does your back hurt more in winter?

Do you get a sore neck?

Or stiff shoulders?

Even headaches?

That’s because your body is less active and “bracing itself” against the cold.

In winter; we shiver, hunch into our coats and scarves and huddle under our blankets to protect ourselves from the cold - tightening our muscles and scrunching our shoulders up towards our ears; creating increased muscle tension and tightness in the neck and shoulders and residual aches and pains in other parts of the body.

What you can do to beat neck and shoulder pain in winter:

  • Wear a warm (but lightweight) scarf
    If your neck is warm, you’re less likely to lower you head and scrunch up your
  • Check your shoulders
    Make a conscious effort to drop them and focus on the feeling of relaxation in your shoulders.

This quick and easy exercise could help:

Sit up straight on a firm dining room chair, gripping the sides of the seat with your
hands. Lower your shoulders and lengthen your neck at the same time. Repeat this
stretch three times at least twice a day.

  • Follow these tips to protect you back and neck
    Changing only a few habits can relieve discomfort and also protect the spine for

    the future.



How can body stress release help?

Body stress release can help you develop a defence against the effects of cold weather.

We will identify precise sites of tension in your body. Then, through light yet firm pressure to these key areas, we’ll activate your muscles to release the stress and enable your body to heal itself. I’ll also help you grow your awareness of tension-causing habits and suggest ways, particular to your discomfort or pain and lifestyle, to relieve your pain and help protect you through the bracing winter months.

If you’d like to book your body stress assessment and treatment, please use the calendar below, or drop me a line by clicking the button on the green box below.

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