BSR Technique Explained - Ralph Dinkelmann - BSR Practitioner

The BSR Technique Explained

How is body stress assessed?
What can I expect at a body stress release treatment session?

Finding body stress:

  1. You will be asked to remove your shoes. Other than that, you remain fully clothed.
  2. You will lie face down on a body stress release couch.
  3. The BSR Practitioner will activate the body’s biofeedback mechanism by moving your feet in a very specific way.
  4. He will then carry out a series of body stress tests by pressing lightly on various points and in specific directions while monitoring for body stress.
  5. Body stress at a particular site is identified when gentle pressure triggers a minute withdrawal reflex which the BSR practitioner observes in your feet. 

Releasing body stress:

  1. Once a site of stress has been located, the BSR practitioner performs releases.
  2. Using his thumb or a finger, he will administer a slight pressure or pulse to alert your brain to stored tension in that area.
  3. The brain will then command the body structures at that site to release the tension.
  4. Because the process is so precise, a forceful stimulus is not required. Gentle pressure is enough.

Learning about body stress:

  1. The body stress release practitioner will let you know where sites of tension exist in your body and the relevance of these.
  2. Knowing more will help you to understand the cause of your discomfort or pain, and help you to help your body heal itself.
  3. Recommendations may be made regarding your posture or exercise routine based on the assessment and release performed.
BSR Technique Explained - Ralph Dinkelmann - BSR Practitioner
Body Stress Release stimulates the body's natural ability to heal itself

After your first body stress release session:

  1. Your body will start healing.
  2. As one muscle releases, many related muscles may need to change their tone too.
  3. The body needs time to integrate these changes.
  4. Sometimes it will revert to old stress patterns.
  5. Once healing has occurred and the area is not re-stressed, the new released state should be more permanent.
  6. To encourage this healing process, three body stress release sessions are advised.

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