Back and Neck Pain Relief Tips - Ralph Dinkelmann

Tips to Minimise Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain is a miserable experience! But, changing just a few bad habits can not only bring pain relief, but also protect the spine for the future. Have a look at these easy ways to ease your back or neck pain.

Ralph Dinkelmann - Back and Neck Pain Relief Tip

When lifting … let your legs do all the work

Back or neck injury or discomfort is commonly caused by lifting things awkwardly. The object doesn’t even have to be too heavy. Lifting something light can be just as harmful if you’re twisting your spine to get to it.

The trick is to make your thighs work, and not your back.

  • Bend your needs.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Hold the object you’re lifting close to your body.
  • Stand up slowly.

If it’s a heavy bag you’re carrying, don’t sling it over one shoulder. Cradle the bag in front of you, or use a backpack instead.

Do you spend a lot of time seated? Here’s what to do.

Sitting in the same position for extended periods of time can cause back and neck strain. It’s important to be aware of your seated posture to minimise strain. Here are the actions you can take:

  • Choose a chair with good lower back support.
  • Sit up straight.
  • Tilt the seat of the chair slightly forward, so that your knees are lower than your hips.
  • Hold in your stomach to support your back.
  • Keep both feet on the floor.

Back and Neck Pain Relief Tips - Ralph Dinkelmann

Bad posture puts pressure on your spine. Change the way you stand, sleep, and sit on a sofa.

When standing:

  • Keep your shoulders down and relaxed and your neck long.
  • Ensure your back is slightly curved, but don’t hollow you back by sticking your bottom out.
  • Hold in your stomach.

In bed:

  • Throw out a sagging mattress and choose one that’s well-sprung but not too hard.
  • Lie on your back or your side.
  • Avoid too many pillows, which twist your neck and back.

On the sofa:

  • Slouching on a sofa is a terrible idea! Low slung sofas (where your bottom ends up lower than your knees) are the worst. Choose a higher, firmer sofa where you can sit upright.
  • Don’t tuck your legs up beside you. This can over-extend the hip bone and twist your spine.
  • Follow the tips above for the ideal seated posture.
Back and Neck Pain Relief Tips - Ralph Dinkelmann

Take a good look at your shoes. Could they be adding strain to your neck and back?

High heels push your lower body forward, forcing your upper body to arch. This puts enormous pressure on your spine. Test your shoes  to see which allow you to adopt the ideal standing posture.

Avoid shoes with leather soles. These send shock waves through your skeleton as you walk. Choose shoes with cushioned or shock-absorbing soles.

Back and Neck Pain Relief Tips - Ralph Dinkelmann

Go on the offensive!

Now you’ve removed any bad habits that contribute towards back and neck pain, it’s time to work on protecting your spine. Exercise is integral to injury prevention.

Concentrate on exercises to strengthen your back and stomach muscles. Go gently. You’ll start feeling the benefits very soon.

In a little while, I’ll post a 5-minute exercise routine that – followed regularly – should help with both pain relief and protection. Until then, try these Tips to Minimise Back and Neck Pain and let me know how it goes.