Body Stress Release Information | How often is body stress release needed?

How often is body stress release needed?

Experience has taught me that body stress release is most effective and has optimal results if treatment is delivered over three sessions:

  1. The first Body Stress Release appointment, in which I’ll take a detailed case history and, after the release, explain what I’ve found, give you advice on posture, and show you some simple self-help techniques.
  2. The second release, three days after the initial appointment
  3. The third session, one week later

After the third release, progress feedback from the client allows me to spread the appointments further and further apart – often going to two or even three weeks and then a month, and so on.

Why does it take three body stress release sessions?

As one muscle releases, many other related muscles need to change their tone as well. The body needs time to integrate these new patterns and, being a creature of habit, it will sometimes revert to old stress patterns. Once healing has occurred and the area is not restressed, the new released state should be more permanent

What happens after the first three body stress release appointments?

Many of my clients who were in severe pain before, only come in for the occasional six-monthly maintenance check. In other more severe cases, they may not go beyond the three or four-week mark. Each person’s body is unique, with its own specific strengths and weaknesses, and each of my clients needs a uniquely-formulated body stress release programme.

How will I know when I need a body stress release treatment?

Once the initial state of overwhelm has settled down and many of the tensions have dispersed, you will have clearer and clearer messages from your own body. I am always encouraging my clients to listen to what their own body says to determine how far apart body stress release appointments should be.

We all know what it is like when we experience a state of overwhelm due to a disaster at work or a family problem. Suddenly things we could have easily handled become almost impossible to manage. The body undergoes a similar experience when dealing with the physical stresses and the physical workings of the body.

  • Allergies may suddenly become more acute
  • Susceptibility to infectious diseases may increase
  • Muscle spasms may occur, simply because you’ve performed a physical action that is not part of your normal daily routine.

As you become more aware of your own body, you will hopefully feel the slight, ever-increasing tightness in your muscles and help your body release accumulating tensions before you reach the stage of muscle spasms and severe pain.

A body stress release treatment may not be needed every time your body starts tightening up (although it can be quite convenient). You could try:

  • Getting more rest
  • Gently stretching or strengthening a complaining body part
  • Eating a healthier diet
  • Cutting back on coffee, which could be overstimulating your nervous system.

The point is: we need to listen to our own bodies. If our bodies have been “disregarded partners” for too long, they will start to complain and, when they do, we won’t know what they are saying because they will have become overwhelmed. We can, however, become better partners by listening to each other.

You’ll be amazed to what lengths your body will go to give full expression to your life. Body stress release is just one of the avenues to make this journey possible and enjoyable.